What is the Omega Procedure® and the Reed Procedure®; Is There a Difference? (10/29/2016) - Dr. Ken Reed of Reed Migraine invented both the Omega Procedure® and Reed Procedure®, as they are both fundamentally the same surgical procedures for the implantation of a peripheral neurostimulator for the treatment of migraine. So, the only practical difference between the two is that they have different registered service mark names. So, yes, the same procedures -- just different commercially registered names -- Continue Reading
The Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment Restores a Young Girl’s Life (10/25/2016) - Emily and her family describe her complete incapacitation due frequent debilitating chronic migraines. Despite extensive treatment with top specialists, nothing was helping and she was relegated to almost continually staying in her room with the lights out. Her parents then contacted Reed Migraine Centers to have her evaluated for the Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment. Ultimately Emily had the Reed Procedure Continue Reading
What is The Reed Procedure | Supraorbital Nerve Stimulation (10/20/2016) -   Migraines are a serious health issue today. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, nearly one in four U.S. households includes someone with migraine, which equates to approximately 12 percent of the population. There are a variety of different treatments and ways to try and manage migraines today; and each offers varying levels of success. One treatment that is gaining Continue Reading
Migraines: How are they triggered by weather? (10/17/2016) - People who suffer from migraines know how debilitating they are. According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraines affect 38 million men, women and children in the U.S. and one billion individuals worldwide. Each individual affected by migraines often experience their own unique set of triggers and does their best to avoid them. Those triggers can include anything from dehydration to Continue Reading
What is Occipital Nerve Stimulation? (9/9/2016) - According to the Migraine Research Foundation, migraine is the third most prevalent illness in the world, affecting 38 million men, women, and children in the United States and approximately one billion people worldwide. While there are a variety of different treatments available, they are not always successful for all individuals who suffer from chronic severe headaches and migraine. One treatment Continue Reading
Will The Reed Migraine Procedure Help a Certain Type of Migraine? (9/1/2016) - Migraine pain can differ widely from patient to patient. Triggers can vary from barometric pressure changes to food sensitivities. Each migraine is unique and each patient is unique. The only commonality is the pain each patient suffers can be debilitating and life altering. There are different modalities available for migraine patients: • Prescription and over-the-counter (OTC) pain medications • Acupuncture Continue Reading

The Ultimate Guide to Migraines

(8/2/2016) - Have you ever suffered from a migraine? Thirty-six million Americans suffer from migraines according to the National Headache Foundation. Those who suffer from this disorder experience headaches and intense throbbing pain, that limits their work and daily activities. Today, one in four households contains a family member who suffers from migraines. And for many, migraines are a recurring problem that Continue Reading
Travel tips for today’s migraineur (8/31/2012) - While there are numerous triggers that exist for a traveling migraineur, it's always best to know what yours are specifically. This will help prevent your migraines from appearing as often and keep you from missing out on life’s biggest moments. Here’s a few tips we put together to help you plan your next trip. Transportation When on a plane, try Continue Reading
Watch Out For Weather – Exploring a Common Trigger (8/20/2012) - When patients sit down with Dr. Reed and begin explaining their symptoms, most often weather is on the list. Unique in the sense that you can’t turn if off like a light or turn it down like a stereo, weather is a constant factor for many migraine sufferers and one that we don’t have much control over. The National Headache Continue Reading
Want to track your migraine pain? There’s an app for that. (7/12/2012) - Although Migraine Awareness Month has come to an end, we want migraineurs to be aware of tips, tricks and tools that can help them find relief from chronic migraine pain year-round. Therefore, we’d like to introduce you to the Ubiqi Migraine Tracker. With the Ubiqi Migraine Tracker free mobile app, you can monitor details about your migraines, allowing you to Continue Reading