Migraineurs: 5 Ways to Keep Your Sanity in 2012

The next time you are silently suffering a migraine, try not to lose hope – the migraine world is changing fast in ways that favor your future. Stay upbeat and stay involved, because every voice matters:

1. Remember, you’re not alone. More than 59 million people in the U.S. will have a migraine attack. That’s 19% of the population. This huge number (and its $31 billion price tag) carries weight, and influence lawmakers to:

  • Speed FDA approval of innovative migraine treatments
  • Promote migraine research and grant funding opportunities
  • Create inclusive social services for migraineurs
  • Provide adequate access to specialized healthcare regardless of ability to pay

2. Speak out – your voice matters. The migraine blog community has grown, and you never know how your words may encourage another person who is feeling alone. The larger our community grows, the more we can help one another, influence public opinion, and promote social reform.

3. Migraine is gaining momentum on the Hill – add your name. Late last year, the Alliance for Headache Disorders Advocacy (AHDA) challenged Congress to examine the migraine problem. AHDA wants Congress to understand the personal burden migraine sufferers experience in daily life, and create new programs to ease this burden. Let lawmakers know you want migraine hearings and positive change in 2012 – sign the petition now.

4. Effective pain treatment is out there now. Only one innovative migraine drug in 50 years has been discovered, developed and approved by the FDA. That’s an abysmal record – but it doesn’t mean that migraine research has been stagnant. Documented safe and effective treatment is available now. The Reed Procedure® is one of these. See if you may be a candidate.

5. Think good thoughts. This is the hardest thing to do, but it can actually change how our brains interpret migraine pain according a recent study by neuroscientists at Stanford University. Positive thinking is powerful.


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