Reed Migraine Centers takes on a new look.

We are excited to roll out the new Reed Migraine Centers brand identity. In the last three months, we have refreshed our brand with a new logo, tagline, color palette, messaging, website and advertising campaign. We wanted a forward-looking and modern persona – a brand that is memorable. We believe these new materials will build upon our credibility and professionalism, setting Reed Migraine Centers apart from all other migraine treatment centers.

As we evolve and progress, we know it is critical that our brand remains relevant, vital and prominent in the marketplace. Magazine and newspaper ads, billboards and online ads are just a few key elements we have started to use to drive awareness of the revolutionary Reed Procedure? in our mission to provide headache sufferers and their families with a specialized treatment option in a compassionate setting.

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  1. Nice job on the new website. Lots of good information. I always keep telling people about Reed Migraine Centers. It will be 3 years for me on July 18th! Still working great!
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      Hi Kim, let us know how you are doing.

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