The Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment Restores a Young Girl’s Life

Emily and her family describe her complete incapacitation due frequent debilitating chronic migraines. Despite extensive treatment with top specialists, nothing was helping and she was relegated to almost continually staying in her room with the lights out. Her parents then contacted Reed Migraine Centers to have her evaluated for the Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment.

Ultimately Emily had the Reed Procedure peripheral neurostimulator implanted, and she returns nearly a year later to describe her wonderful, fully life-restoring results. Emily's parents happily report that their daughter is back to a fully normal life. Emily is in control of her headaches now.

The Reed Procedure is "Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation." Learn more about the Reed Procedure Migraine Treatment at one of RMC's Free Informational Webinars.

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