I’ve heard of Occipital Nerve Stimulation. Is the RP basically the same thing?

Occipital Nerve Stimulation (ONS), which is an implanted unit that stimulates the nerves over the back of the head (occiput), is actually a component of the full Reed Procedure. The other component of the full procedure is Supraorbital Nerve Stimulation (SONS), which results in stimulation of the nerves over the forehead (supraorbital region). Therefore, the medical term for a full Reed Procedure is “Combined Supraorbital and Occipital Nerve Stimulation.”

In actual practice the decision of what modality to use in an individual patient -- ONS, SONS, or “Combined ON-SONS” -- is based on where the patient feels the pain. If the pain is confined to solely the back of the head, then ONS alone should suffice. However, for patients that experience pain over both the back and front of the head, the “Combined ON-SONS” procedure (full Reed Procedure) is recommended.

Dr. Reed was actually the first physician in the world to do both procedures – ONS in 1992 and “Combined ON-SONS” in 2004. As such, he and the other RMC physicians that he personally trained are the world's most experienced in both ONS and “Combined ON-SONS” (Full Reed Procedure).

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