What happens during the trial?

The test stimulation shows the patient exactly how a permanent stimulator feels. During the seven day trial period, it will be easy for the patient to determine whether or not they feel a difference in the severity of their headaches. The trial is conclusive and has also been proven to work more than 80 percent of the time. Therefore, if the trial works for patients, then the permanent procedure will work and continue to work. When the patient goes home during the trial period, we encourage them to go through normal activities. The wires can be placed beneath the patients clothing, so as not to distract them from going about regular day-to-day activities. The trial pack can be fixed to the belt line, as well. We strongly suggest our patients try to trigger a headache while in the trial period to determine the true effectiveness of the stimulator. For instance, if sunlight normally triggers a patient’s headache, we tell them to go out in the sunlight to test the effectiveness of the stimulator.

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