Common Headache Conditions

Dr. Reed invented and developed The Reed Procedure®, a combined peripheral nerve stimulation migraine treatment that may help millions of suffers from chronic migraines.

The physicians at Reed Migraine Treatment Centers are world leading specialists for all peripheral nerve stimulation treatments for severe migraine headaches. In 1999 Dr. Reed's team changed the world of headache medicine with their original publication on occipial nerve stimulation. Improving on this method, in 2009 Dr. Reed published his new invention on "Combined Neurostimuluation for Migraine," a paper that received the International Headache Society's "Cephalalgia Award," as the best original contribution of the year. In 2012, Dr. Reed, partnering with specialists from the Mayo Clinic, Duke University, and other institutions, co-authored St. Jude's landmark paper on neurostimulation for chronic migraines. With a documented success rate of over 80%, The Reed Procedure® has now relieved the pain and restored the lives of hundreds of patients. With offices in major metropolitan areas of the United States the goal of Reed Migraine is to make The Reed Procedure® available to all patients who suffer with severe migraine headaches....